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as a result. we expect toyota and nissan to cut their forecasts as well. we will talk more in a half hour. >> you are watching bbc world news. still ahead -- >> ♪ >> and how a new washing powder can clean up the environment. just eight days until the u.s. presidential election, but hurricane sandy is disrupting the campaign. let's find out more there. >> well out of the way of the storm, mitt romney has been revving up support among party faithful. >> this is so heartening, so encouraging. the kind of energy we feel here, we have been feeling all across ohio. >> he has tried to turn the weather to his advantage, focusing on of the most critical battlegrounds, the midwestern state of ohio. incredibly, having come from behind, mitt romney is now neck- and-neck with barack obama in many of the crucial swing states. these romney supporters, with little more than a week ago, are beginning to claim victory. in contrast, mr. obama in washington yesterday was burdened with double trouble, faced with a desperately tight election race, but now some campaign plans disrupted by the need to leave th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1